Color Climax – Teenage Incest (1970s) VHSRip

Issued: Color Climax (Denmark)
Series: Diplomat Film
Play Time: 00:08:40
Format: MP4
Video: 640×480 ~2400kbps 25.000fps
Audio: No audio
File Size: 150 MB

Teenage Girl. Diplomat Film 1017. Diplomat 8mm hardcore sex film, published by Color Climax Corporation. Color Climax. Denmark produced and published. Threesome (1f-2m). Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Teenage Girl, Legal Teen, Hot Body, Bedroom Settings, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. No audio.
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The Exhibitionist (1970s) VHSRip

Issued: Erotic Dimensions (US)
Play Time: 00:07:26
Format: AVI
Video: 640×480 ~958kbps 1000.000fps
Audio: PCM 1400kbps stereo 44.1KHz
File Size: 146 MB

The Exhibitionist!. Erotic Dimensions 87. Erotic Dimensions. US 8mm color sex film, with audio (reel running). US published. Foursome Sex (2f-2m). Classic, 8mm Film, Group, Sexy Brunette Girls, Skinny, Hot Body, Bedroom Settings, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. Good video quality.
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Greg And Elaine (1970s) VHSRip

Issued: Erotic Fantasies (US)
Play Time: 00:07:39
Format: MP4
Video: 640×480 ~2400kbps 25.000fps
Audio: No Audio
File Size: 133 MB

Greg And Elaine. Erotic Fantasies 805. US 8mm color sex loop series, published by Erotic Fantasies. Featuring Elaine and Mike Ranger. Twosome Sex (1f-1m). Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Girl, Living room Settings, Hot Body, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. With no audio.
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