Sex World (1977) DVDRip

Category: Feature, Classic
Studio: Essex Video (USA)
Language: English
Duration: 01:30:33
Video: 704×392 (16:9) 23.976fps ~2000kbps
Audio: AAC 128kbps mono 48.0KHz
File Size: 1.35 GB

Welcome to Sex World; the chartered bus that was waiting for you at International Airport has brought you to this hidden retreat where you are free to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Sex World provided the stimulus, the partners, the time and the atmosphere to explore any and all areas of sexual gratification, free from hang-ups and outmoded attitudes of our present Victorian society. As you can see, our lucky guests enjoy themselves, each other, and our incomparable facilities for an entire week of unabated physical fulfillment!


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