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Coed Fever (1980) DVDRip

 Coed Fever (1980) DVDRip

Year: 1980
Category: Feature, Classic
Studio: Caballero / Wild Side (USA)
Producer: Robert McCallum
Language: English
Duration: 01:25:36
Cast: Annette Haven, Brooke West, Gloria Harrison, Lisa De Leeuw, Lysa Thatcher, Piper Smith, Samantha Fox, Serena, Tawny Pearl, Terri Dolan, Vanessa del Rio, Aaron Stuart, Byron Lord, Don Fernando, Eric Stein, Frank Hollowell, Jamie Gillis, Paul Baressi, John Leslie, Jon Martin, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, R.J. Reynolds, Ron Jeremy

Description: This is one campus where the students all major in carnal pleasures. But there’s one fraternity that’s gotten out of hand. It seems that Uppa U Omega has set a most ambitious goal, and that is to enjoy the intimate delights of every eligible coed on campus. And that’s just too much for the sorority’s to take so they approach the dean with a unique plan to have Uppa U Omega thrown off campus, and thereby effectively prevented from pursing their dastardly intentions!

Format: MKV
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 768x576 ~2536kbps 25.000fps
Audio: AC-3 192kbps stereo 48.0KHz
File Size: 1.66 GB

 Coed Fever (1980) DVDRip

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